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Philips SJA9191

Voice Announce Talking Caller ID

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  • Voice Announce
  • Caller ID Display
  • Adjustable Volume

Memory Capacity

  • 99 for Call log entries

Packaging Data

  • EAN/UPC/GTIN: 6 09585 11689 4
  • Quantity: 1
  • Length: 180 mm
  • Width: 134 mm
  • Height: 55 mm
  • Net weight: .383 kg
  • Tare weight: 0.073 kg
  • Gross weight: .456 kg

Inner Carton

  • EAN/UPC/GTIN: 106 09585 11689 1
  • Quantity: 6
  • Length: 350 mm
  • Width: 195 mm
  • Height: 165 mm
  • Net weight: 3.31 kg
  • Tare weight: .19 kg
  • Gross weight: 3.5 kg

Outer Carton

  • EAN/UPC/GTIN: 206 09585 11689 8
  • Quantity: 36
  • Length: 605 mm
  • Width: 370 mm
  • Height: 360 mm
  • Net weight: 21 kg
  • Tare weight: 1 kg
  • Gross weight: 22 kg

Announce Display Screen

Philips Caller ID

Voice Announce Display Screen


Talking Caller ID

Conveniently screen calls without being near the phone. Ideal for busy households.

Screen calls without seeing caller ID

  • Announces caller's 10-digit phone number
  • Bi-lingual announcements
  • 3-line LCD display
  • Stores 99 calls for review

Customize outgoing messages

  • Record Personalized Messages
  • Personalized announcements

Environmentally friendly

  • Environmentally friendly lead-free construction


Announces 10-digit number

An audible announcement that glance at the small caller ID screen phone or the caller ID unit.

Bi-lingual announcements

Switch to English or Spanish at the touch of two buttons.

3-line LCD display

A visual display of the caller's name, phone number, date and time the call was placed.

Record Personalized Messages

The ability to record messages specific to the caller. The message is triggered by the caller's incoming phone number

Personalized announcements

The ability to change the incoming caller's 10-digit number to a familiar name.

Lead-free construction

Lead-free construction of environmentally friendly materials.

Stores 99 calls for review

A visual announcement that holds calling information in memory until the user is ready to retrieve them.
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SJA9191 Reviews


This thing is really great

SJA9191 advantages is that it does not require a battery to backup message But it still has some defective, for an example, it can't adjust the volume level and no display backlight.

Does a good job

In terms of form, function and color. I find it very easy to use, cool design with convenient. I use both at Office and at home.
The sound is a bit too loud. But I think that it would be an advantage, I can hear it from everywhere, yes I like it.

let's talk about price. It is acceptable. Not very expensive.I do not regret that I bought it.

Awesome Voice Caller ID

It would be awesome if It announced both names and numbers, however not bad at all.

PHILLIPS SJA9191 the best

If you are looking for kind of this. This guy.. yeah PHILLIPS SJA9191 is that one you're looking for.

Talking Caller ID

I've looking for some equipment to help me do some stuff that I can't do it myself and now I've found it, Absolutely that talking caller id I was talk about is PHILLIPS SJA9191 with no doubt.
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